I created Mind Detox Box for those who are always searching for the answers, who are moving from workshop to book to guru to retreat and back again, but never finding what they are looking for, who are so overwhelmed with all the choices and directions towards personal fulfilment that it has become a quest for knowledge without any answers. 

I made it for you. 

Because the healthier your mind is, the happier your life is. 

Mind Detox Box is an invitation to access the professional tools that can change YOUR life because it will be using YOUR data and YOUR experiences and applying it to what matters to YOU the most.


A little about our Mind Detox mission…

The mission for Mind Detox is to hand back the control of thoughts, feelings and behaviour to the individual.

Abraham Maslow (a Psychologist) came up with a theory to look at our human needs (known as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs). The highest of these needs is Self-Actualisation and then Self-Transcendence. Maslow describes Self- Actualisation as "a continual process of becoming'. This is what Mind Detox is designed to do, to offer you a structured and continual process of becoming. 

We aim to do this by:

Giving you the tools and understanding to create change in your own mind and life 

Encouraging new learning, new perspectives, new worldview.

Allowing trust in yourself and your own ability to provide insights, motivation, growth and development.

Challenging your perceptions, uplift your spirits and to do so in simple, smart, small, consistent steps.

Our values are: LEARNING, JOY, FREEDOM

Meet our team

Nova Woodrow

Founder of Mind Detox Box


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Aimee Jeans

Executive PA


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Gemma Ray

PR and Media


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How it all started - A Word with Nova

I started Mind Detox Box as a way of simplifying the personal development world. I'm a massive fan of self development and have been curious about how the human mind works for my entire life. That curiosity, as great as it is, has sometimes been a force that I have needed to keep under control in order to progress! I would get really distracted by every thought tangent and the amount of half done projects I had was starting to feel like a failure! 

Lots of my clients were the same, searching for answers but coming up with more questions! Mind Detox is a way to stay on track and end the 'shiny object syndrome'! 

In the beginning...

Mind Detox actually started life as a product designed to counter the growing levels of absences in the workplace due to stress and depression. 

It is still being used in its original format within companies but has changed and evolved to stand as a product that can be used by individuals who aren't going to have workshops and 1:1 support to supplement the programme of study. 

We launched on World Mental Health Day 2018 and immediately saw that this was something that people wanted and needed. We have been growing ever since and now count University Professors, Armed Forces members, Coaches, Students, Stay at home Parents and Entrepreneurs as just some of our diverse and wonderful customers. 

Where we are today...

Today we are building an amazing team that works together to ensure you get the best possible experience when you become a customer of ours. 

In 2019 we plan to launch Mind Detox for Teens, sign up here to stay up to date on this and get special launch prices. 

We are also creating a calendar of online events to supplement the learning in the boxes and take you deeper on the issues we cover each month. Our existing customers will be automatically invited to these events if they have created an account when signing up. 

We are always looking for fantastic brands we can work with and feature in the boxes. If you feel aligned with our values and would like to get in touch to see what we offer as a brand ambassador please email us: hello@minddetoxbox.com

Are you ready to make a change?