Mindset Made Simple

A monthly dose of Mindset Coaching delivered to your door.

Easy to order

Simply choose which subscription suits your budget and needs and tell us where to send it!

Fast Results

Stay motivated and engaged as you explore your potential and take action.

Easy to Action

Optimised to ensure that you are never overwhelmed by too much content or bored with too little.

Happier You

Access and implement the strategies that are guaranteed to increase happiness and wellbeing.

What is Mind Detox Box?

Fed up of spending too much time and money on all the personal development programmes and coaches out there but never seeing results you were promised?

Us too! That's why Mind Detox Box was created. To make Mindset work simple again, because it IS simple, it just requires consistent action and we KNOW how hard that can be! 

So we've taken all the pain out of personal development by delivering ONLY what you need, in amounts that we KNOW the brain can work with without tiring or becoming unmotivated or bored, and only on aspects that are PROVEN to work.

No more endless searching for the best retreat, the book that will change everything or the guru who will enlighten you..Mind Detox Box takes all the hard work out of finding what works and delivers just the right amount and combination of learning and doing each month so that you can finally see RESULTS!

How It Works

1. Choose your subscription

Decide whether the Box or the Mini suits you best and how far in advance you wish to pay.

2. We deliver your box

Boxes are shipped at the end of the month ready for you to be able to begin on the 1st.

3. Take action on the contents

Designed to deliver optimal levels of content, learning and tasks so you can take action.

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! Every month you receive the following:

A Monthly Module: workbook delivering the content and strategies 

A Tracker Journal: to track your patterns and changes

A Book: non-fiction self development book to take learning deeper

Executive Summary: a comprehensive summary of the book contents

Gifts: a couple of high quality gifts to encourage self care and relaxation


What people are saying about Mind Detox Box

I absolutely love receiving my monthly box! Brilliant selection of book each month, that I wouldn't have naturally selected for myself, but are really inspiring. The Tracker Journal keeps your focused throughout the month and helps you to recognise when you are having self-limited beliefs and encourages you to keep them in check.

Andrew Done - Bedfordshire, UK

I have been using my Tracker Journal every day and working through the modules each month with great results so far! I feel so productive and I know exactly which days I need to rest and which I can really push myself forwards to achieve more. My husband has noticed I'm just happier in general too which is great for both of us!

Louise Dentith - Herfordshire, UK

I'm in the wellness space myself and know how important it is to keep growing and learning so I can be at my best for my clients. I love anything to do with self development but Mind Detox has really focused  me on the things that work really well for me personally. Now it's all I need to stay balanced and at the top of my game. 

Samantha Sutherland- Bedford, UK